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All-in-one Lift Care

Improved skin elasticity cannot be done with single injection or single laser.

For people who have regretted the unsatisfactory effect after injection or laser, All-in-one Lift Care is the solution.

Haru Clinic's All-in-one Lift Care gives a synergistic effect through customized combination of various treatments that give skin elasticity.

All-in-one Lift Care Procedures

Ultrasonic Lift

Ultrasonic energy is applied to the muscle fiber layer (SMAS: Superficial muscular aponeurotic system), lifting the sagging area, and inducing collagen production. Thus, it increases the overall elasticity. It is a lift procedure that corrects sagging or wrinkling.

Ultra V,Tornado

It is a typical procedure that gives skin elasticity by using PDO (polydioxanone) thread, which is approved as safe by KFDA. PDO thread is inserted to the desired area and activates the collagen
of the dermis layer and increases skin elasticity.


It is a procedure that injects botulinum toxin into many areas of the skin, not into muscle.
Thus, it unwrinkles the wrinkles spread over the face and shows the effect of long-term
pore reduction, skin elasticity and skin texture improvement.

Elf Injection

It is a procedure to dissolve the fat in the face and promote the peripheral blood vessels and the lymphatic circulation by using the injection, thereby removing the fat and the body waste, and making face slim. It provides lift effect to the saggy area due to fat and edema.

Special Features of Haru All-in-one Lift Care


  • 01
    Ultrasonic lift, melting thread, dermatoxin, contour injection,
    etc. are combined according to the characteristics of each patient.
  • 02
    Various lift procedures can be performed at once at a reasonable cost.
  • 03
    Patients can quickly return to their daily life on the day of the procedure
  • 04
    Patients can see the effect with single procedure.

All-in-one Lift Care Can Benefit

  • People who want to naturally resilience their skin
  • People who are scared of pulling with thread, and worried about simple lift as it is not effective
  • People who are looking for a suitable resilience procedure for their face types
  • People who want to be managed regularly through periodic resilience procedures