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What is Haru Apple Hip Lift?

This procedure is to lift butts simply with a minimal incision of about 5mm length using a special permanent thread.

There is an excellent effect to improve the sagging of the lower part of the butts
by directly pulling up the lower sagittal part and adding the volume upper side.

Procedure of Haru Apple Hip Lift

Procedure performed by pulling up
the sagging area and filling the volume

When the buttocks are sagging, it looks flat and the legs may look short.
Haru Apple Hip Lift is a procedure that quickly and effectively lifts the buttocks.
Some of the surgeries chosen by those with sagging butts include implants and fat transplant. But these surgeries emphasize the volume of the part that is off, rather than solving the sagging part. On the other hand, Haru Apple Hip Lift bringsthe sagging area directly to the area that needs volume to beautify the whole butt lines. Sitting must be performed very cautiously for the first two weeks following the procedure. Apart from that, there is no big trouble in daily life, and you can feel the changed butt line immediately afterwards.

Special Features of Haru Apple Hip Lift


  • 01

    One hour operation time and minimized scars

  • 02

    Quick return to daily routine

  • 03

    No irritation due to implantation or breakdown of implants. No worries about running down of implants.

  • 04

    Natural movement and semi-permanent effect using special material band

  • 05

    Reduce the area clients want to reduce and push the volume to the area where volume is needed

Haru Apple Hip Lift Can Benefit

  • People with flat buttocks
  • People with sagging buttocks
  • People with voluminous butts after implantation or transplantation, but still looking sagging
  • People with sagging lower buttocks after thigh liposuction
  • People who want to correct their back line simply without worrying about recovery period


Before & After Photos of Haru Apple Hip Lift

  • Haru Apple Hip Lift 1-1

  • Haru Apple Hip Lift 1-2

  • Haru Apple Hip Lift 1-3