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What is Lower Eyelid Fat Removal?

It is a procedure that improves the bumpy area under the eye through the conjunctiva inside the eyelid.

The fat protruding under the eyes makes you look tiredand causes dark circles that appear to have a shadow under the eyes.
This method to correct is done through the skin incision but it is possible to perform surgery that removes fat under the eyes through
the conjunctival incision (except the case where the skin is severely stretched) because it is relatively simple and give good results.

Advantages of Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

The primary goal is to remove the excess orbital fat that causes under-eye protrusion, in order to correct the under-eye contour with surgery.

There is no need to remove the stitchessince dissolving thread is used that does not leave any scars.

  • Correction effect

    Removes lower eyelid fat
    and corrects wrinkles

  • No need to remove stitches!

    Use of dissolving thread
    which does not require
    stitch removal

  • Minimized scars

    Conjunctive incision
    which minimizes scar

  • Quick recovery

    Fewer tissue damage
    due to locomotion
    under the eye

Procedure of Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

  • Surgery decision is made
    after consultation
    with medical staff
  • Designing of procedure
    according to the
    condition of the under eye
  • Removal of subcutaneous fat
    after laser conjunctival incision
  • Smooth lower eyelid

Special Features of Haru Lower Eyelid Fat Removal


  • 01
    inside the mucosa
  • 02
    1:1 customized procedure
  • 03
    Quick recovery
  • 04
    Babyface effect
  • 05
    No visible scars

Lower Eyelid Fat Removal Can Benefit

  • People who look tired
    because of the dark circles
  • People who cannot
    cover the shady area
    under your eyes
    with makeup
  • In case when
    dark circle laser
    treatment is difficult
  • People who want beauty lines
    under the eyes
  • People with bulging under-eye fat which make them look older


Before & After Photos of Haru Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

  • Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

  • Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

  • Lower Eyelid Fat Removal

  • Lower Eyelid Fat Removal