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What is Haru Filler?

Haru Filler is a procedure that creates a beautiful, delicate face line simply.
The procedure is performed within 30 minutes, and it is possible to make a complete face line
through the use of filler suitable for each facial types with the know-how of Haru Clinic.

Haru FillerCan Benefit

하루 필러는 이마, 관자, 앞 광대, 팔자주름 등 얼굴의
일부 부위에 대하여 필러 시술을 함으로써 주름 개선 및
형상개선을 도모하는 시술입니다.

  1. 1 Forehead : The plain and rugged forehead will become voluminous.
  2. 2 Temple : Protruded cheek is corrected by fillers that is filled in line connected to the forehead to give a soft impression.
  3. 3 Glabella (skin between the eyebrows) : It gives a volume to the deep frown lines and wrinkles and depressed area to give a soft impression.
  4. 4 Beauty line : Creates a vivid eye and makes a youthful impression.
  5. 5 Front cheek : Gives a three-dimensional effect and small face by making MMP point to the inner side of the face.
  6. 6 Nose and nose tip : The nose, which is the center of the face, is smoothed and improved with a clear impression.
  7. 7 Under-eye : Gives volume to the depressed area, and has the effect of masking the dark circles.
  8. 8 Indian wrinkles : Gives volume to the Indian wrinkles located in the facial region and makes skin more youthful.
  9. 9 Philtrum (Cat Filler) : Makes an ideal nose angle in the side line of the face.
  10. 10 Smile lines : Makes people who look older than they really are have soft impression and regain elasticity.
  11. 11 Cheek : Fills the dent cheek, making it look youthful and regain elasticity.
  12. 12 Ear lobes : Fills the ear lobes that are dent or scarring.
  13. 13 Mouth Corner : Filler treatment is performed on the wrinkles of the mouth, correcting the shape of the lip.
  14. 14 Lip : Gives volume to thin lip to make more youthful.
  15. 15 Jaw tip : Shape the jaw tip to make it beautiful oval face, and correct the protruding mouth.

Special Features of Haru Filler


  • 01
    Natural contour lines
    Natural facial contour lines and
    voluminous face through
    filler procedures.
  • 02
    Long lasting effect
    and high stability
    Long-lasting effects with qualified
    fillers and safe procedures.
  • 03
    Many years of know-how
    Based on an understanding of
    anatomy and high technical skills,
    we giveyou good results.
  • 04
    Quick procedure and quick
    return to daily routines
    20-30 minutes of operation time
    which makes it possible to quickly
    return to daily routines without
    bruises or swelling.


Before & After Photos of Haru Filler

  • Forehead filler

  • Forehead filler

  • Forehead filler

  • Forehead wrinkle filler

  • Forehead and glabella wrinkle filler

  • Glabella wrinkle filler

  • Beauty line filler

  • Before and After Neck wrinkle filler