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What is Haru Nose Procedure?

The PDO thread is used with the nose filler to compensate for the disadvantage of the nose filler
that it spreads over time and stronger nostril shape can be made than the nose filler alone.

The PDO thread is applied to columella nasi, nasal bridge and nose tip,
which serves as a sturdy support, and the filler is used to make the whole line smooth.

It is a procedure that makes a sharp nose as if done by the surgery by complementing the drawbacks of
nose filler regarding nose shape and maintenance period of the nose filler procedure.
As the procedure is performed by simultaneously applying the durable PDO thread and the nose filler
procedure, it results in few bruises and swelling. Thus, there is no disturbances to daily life.

PDO실 + 코필러

Haru Nose Procedure (PDO thread + Nose Filler)

PDO thread


With conventional nose filler, it is uneasy to raise the nose tip, but with PDO thread it is possible. It also serves as a strong support for the filler treatment, which compensates for the disadvantages of making the nasal bridge widerwhen repeatedly operated, and makes the sharp nose lasts for a longer time.


Nose Filler


For those with short, flat nose or aquiline nose, elaborate filler procedure is performed to give volume and elasticity to nose thereby giving you a smooth and sharp nose. Haru Nose Procedure is a procedure that complements the disadvantages of nose fillers and surgery.

Haru Nose Procedure is a procedure that
complements the disadvantages of nose fillers and surgery.

Special Features of
Haru Nose Procedure


  • 01

    Use of PDO thread which does
    not spread over time maintains
    a sharp nose without
    spreading over time

  • 02

    Use of safe medical thread
    and filler approved by MFDS

  • 03

    Use of the strongest and
    most durable thread which brings
    powerful effects

  • 04

    Correcting curved
    or distorted nose

  • 05

    Longer effect than
    nose filler alone

  • 06

    No scars due to the use of
    a specially designed cannula
    without an incision

Haru Nose Procedure Can Benefit

  • People whose overall
    shape of the nose are
    low and flat
  • People with short
    or blunt nose
  • People who want
    to correct their
    bent nose.
  • People with spread
    and wide nasal bridge
    due to repeated nose
    filler procedures
  • People who are
    hesitant to have nose
    surgery since they do
    not want incision,
    implant, etc.


Before & After Photos of Haru Nose Procedure

  • Haru Nose Procedure 1-1

  • Haru Nose Procedure 1-2

  • Haru Nose Procedure 1-3

  • Haru Nose Procedure 2-1

  • Haru Nose Procedure 2-2

  • Haru Nose Procedure

  • Haru Nose Procedure

  • Haru Nose Procedure (Nose tip)

  • Haru Nose Procedure (Nose tip)