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What is liposuction?

Reduce the size of adipocytes by reducing their numbers

It is a surgery that removes excessively accumulated fat in the body and corrects it with
a balanced and smooth bodyline. By eliminating body fat,
excess fat that is formed in each body part is excreted, making a slender body.

Especially, by reducing the number of adipocytes, actual body size is reduced and a resilient S line is made.

Liposuction sites

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Thigh liposuction

Smooth thighs that naturally extends to the whole leg line

Thigh fat is less likely to use muscles and is not well circulated, so it is difficult to lose thigh fat. With liposuction, you can have a smooth, long-lasting leg.
It is important for the thigh liposuction is that the whole bodyline should be harmonized not only in the front and back of the thigh,
but also in the hips and knee line smoothly.

Areas of thigh liposuction

  • Inside the thigh
  • Outside the thigh
  • Back of the thigh (Hip line)

People who need thigh liposuction

  • Lower-body obesity
  • People who have a
    lot of fat around
    upper knees and
    inside the thighs
  • People who cannot
    wear skinny
    jean pants.

Abdominal liposuction

A slim abdomen by sucking deep fat and shallow fat evenly

The abdomen is easy to gain weight and is so stubborn. Large amounts of fats are accumulated so you can see the clear effect of liposuction.
Abdominal fat is composed of two layers of fat, so it is important to undergo suction in deep fat layer and shallow fat layer evenly toget a satisfactory result.
Abdominal liposuction is beneficial for both men and women because it helps the woman to have a smooth abdomen and a strong abs for men.

Areas of abdominal liposuction

  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen

People who need abdominal liposuction

  • People who have
    a lot of abdomen
  • Upper-body obesity
  • For those whose
    abdominal fat
    protrudes over
    the pants.
  • For those whose
    belly sticks out
    and misunderstood
    as pregnant.

Love handles liposuction

S-line body with side fats removed

Similar to abdomen, sidesare where fatsaccumulate, thus it is hard to get rid of side fats through workout. Although 10:7 ratio of
hip to waist is appropriate,it is easy for males to accumulate fat in the abdomen and sides, and just above the pelvic bone for females.
By considering the amount of fat and elasticity of the skin before liposuction, we sometimes perform love handles liposuction alone
or with abdominal liposuction.

Areas of love handle liposuction

  • Sides
  • Love handle

People who need love handle liposuction

  • People who want
    a slim waist line
  • People who are
    worried about
    abdominal fat and
    side fat due to
    upper-body obesity
  • People with uneven
    waist line when
    wearing tight clothes

Arm liposuction

Be confidentto wear sleeveless, with slim and resilient arms.

Because arm skins are thin and nerves and blood vessels are located close to the skin doctors should pay careful attention to the procedure,and fat should be evenly removed from the entire arm for a natural line.
It is often difficult to see workout effects in the arms, and for sagging or droopy arms, they areoften caused by enlarged adipocytes. Thus,liposuction is very effective.

Areas of arm liposuction

  • Bulging front arm
  • Bulging back arm

People who need arm liposuction

  • People whose
    sleeves are tight
    when wearing clothes
  • People who have
    excess fat in
    their arms
  • People who are
    worrying about
    sagging arm

Back liposuction

For those with rugged back-line to make it smoother

The back fat is mixed with thick, hard fibers, making it one of the most challenging areas to undergo liposuction.
It sticks out up and down around the underwear, thereby making wrinkles.
It is often overlooked because it does not appear well, but it is a part that is particularly worrisome even to skinny people
when wearing a bikini or a wedding dress

Areas of back liposuction

  • back

People who need back liposuction

  • People whose fat
    sticks out around
    the bra
  • People whose upper
    and lower back is
    bulging out and
    have wrinkles
  • People with uneven
    back line

Special Features of liposuction


  • 01

    Customized procedure
    according to individual
    characteristics and

  • 02

    Minimal incision which
    makes scarsless visible

  • 03

    Smooth body line

  • 04

    Systematic management
    after procedure