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The essential part of lip correction is accurate diagnosis

Most of people with gloomy or unnatural lip are hardly able to have large effect with a single procedure
such as simply lift their lips or giving volume on their lips.

However, it is often difficult to know what procedure is going to make clients look better.
It is essential to determine the necessary procedures through accurate diagnosis so that natural correction is possible.

There are three factors that are important for the diagnosis of lip correction.

Due to the difference between dent and protruded areas, the dentarea looks more dent and the protruded area looks more prominent.
In most cases, it can be natural if the dent area is filled smoothly and connected smoothly. The most important thing to do at this moment is to treat the details carefully, taking into account the overall correlation of nasolabial angle, philtrum, lips, smile lines, mouths, and under the lips. It should be noticed that simply filling the dent area will never yield satisfactory results.
Muscle Movements
The movement of the muscles around the mouth makes widening of nostril, sinking of smile lines, droopy lip, pressed of jaws, gum exposure when they laugh. Thus, it is necessary to figure out the muscle movements around the mouth and weaken the muscles that make unwanted movements in order to create a natural movement and favorable impression. At this point, the most important thing is to accurately identify and precisely correct muscle movements.
Because many muscles around the mouth may weaken the unintended muscles and cause asymmetry or even make it difficult to talk and drink, so it must be performed under the accurate diagnosis of experienced medical staff.
Designed Procedures
We offer detailed instructions and consultation on natural and beautiful procedure, such as lip lift, emphasizing lip line, philtrum reduction, dent mouth correction, protruded mouth correction, and nostril correction. The most important thing at this point is to judge and decide on the procedures that are appropriate to the individual. Even the procedures that are helpful to most people are not suitable for the client, and rather make awkward and unnatural. Therefore, clients need to make sure that they have enough consultation with the medical staff to make desired images that suit them.

Naturalness is the key to the lip correction procedure.

Each of the procedures that do not requirea special recovery period, such as fillers, botox, or thread lift, is selected for each part.
The most important point of the lip correction is naturalness.Even if the dent area is unwrinkled, but itsometimes looks unnatural.

For natural results, there are many different factors factors for each clientsuch as nasolabial angle
(angle between nose and lips), mouth, mouth corner, degree of tooth protrusion, length of philtrum, sharpness of philtrum line,
degree of gum exposure at laughing, should be treated in a comprehensive manner.

Procedure sites and effects of lip correction

Ideal Lip Side

Lip correction gives a beautiful and youthful impression. You will be
able to enjoy a bright, natural and tangible impression and you will be able
to smile and communicate with full of confidence.

Protruded mouth

For people who need orthodontics, or with protrudedmouth
and the near areas are dent (dent mandible, chin, philtrum, or smile lines

By giving the volume to the smile lines, mouths, and mandibles which are relatively dent
and weakening the musclesaround smile lines and the chin by the botox procedure,
it creates a soft image and a pretty smile.

Dent mouth

For those with dent jaws after orthodontic treatments or due to loss of ulitis,
or people with lantern jaws may see their skin around the mouth
less elastic and the fat become shrinking.

In case of protruded mouth, various clinics offer procedures such as double-jaw surgery and petit double-jaw surgery.
However, in case of dent mouth, it is not easy to find a clinic that provides a deired correction.
At Haru Clinic, we give clients a volume to the necessary part naturally by filler, botox, etc., and we give emphasis on the lip line and corrects the fine wrinkles of the skin naturally.

Ideal Lip front

Lip correction gives a beautiful and youthful impression.
You will be able to enjoy a bright, natural and tangible impression
and you will be able to smile and communicate with full of confidence.

Droopy lip

For those with thin lips and gives gloomy impression

It looks depressed when mouth corners are droopy. Therefore, even if only the drooping tail is raised, it can give a much brighter and softer impression. At Haru Clinic, simple procedures such as botox, filler, and thread lift are applied to individual mouth shapes to raise their mouth corners, creating a bright impression and beautiful smile.

Long and flat philtrum

For those with curled upper lips or with long length between the nose and the philtrum

When the philtrum is long and flat, the face looks long and the lips are easily curled. By reducing philtrum, clearly emphasizing lips lines and philtrum lines, we make you look years younger with brightened impression.

Wide nostril

For those who may not benefit from raising nose because of their wide nostril

For many Koreans, their faces look wider and they often give blunt facial features. At Haru Clinic, we offer procedures with the special threadto reduce the nostrils easilywith no recovery period, making a strong facial features with a sleeker nose shape.

Special Features of Haru Lip Correction


  • 01

    Naturalness which suits individual's face type

  • 02

    Accurate diagnosis through consultation before procedure

  • 03

    Safe procedures gained from rich experiences

  • 04

    Simple procedure. No disturbance to daily routines


Before & After Photos of Haru Lip Correction

  • Right after Lip Correction 1-1

  • Right after Lip Correction 1-2

  • Right after Lip Correction 1-3

  • Right after Lip Correction 2-1

  • Right after Lip Correction 2-2

  • Right after Lip Correction 2-3

  • Right after Lip Correction 3-1

  • Right after Lip Correction 3-2

  • Right after Lip Correction 3-3

  • 2 weeks after Lip Correction

  • 2 weeks after Lip Correction