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What is Haru Breast Lift?

Using special semi-permanent thread, minimal incision makes the scars less visible and make breasts lifted with
the correction of the size of areolas and improvement of nipple-areola simultaneously.

By pulling the saggy lower breast directly, it adds volume to the upper breast, and brings the wide spread breast together.
Thus, it has an excellent effect on the saggy breast and the shape correction.

Procedure of Haru Breast Lift

하루 가슴리프팅은 노화, 출산, 수유 등으로 인해 처지고 퍼져 보이는 모양의 가슴을 흉터나 회복기간 걱정 없이 탄력 있는 가슴으로 개선해 드립니다.
유륜의 크기가 크고, 유두의 방향이 아래로 향해 보이는 경우에도 하루 가슴 리프팅을 통해 유륜의 사이즈를 줄여주고, 유두의 방향을 위로 향하도록 해주는 것이
처진 가슴의 모양을 개선해주는 것과 동시에 가능하며, 가슴 보형물이나 지방이식 수술을 했으나 처짐이나 비대칭이 신경 쓰이는 경우에도 효과적인 개선이 가능합니다.

Special features of Haru Breast Lift


  • 01

    One hour operation time and minimized scars

  • 02

    Quick return to daily routine

  • 03

    Can reduce the size of the areola at the same time

  • 04

    Ideal breast shape by changing
    the direction of the nipple to upper side

  • 05

    Natural movement and semi-permanent effect using elastic band made of special material

  • 06

    Breast implants can be improved in shape and asymmetry after fat transplant surgery

  • 07

    Relocate the sagging area to the volume needed part

Haru Breast Lift Can Benefit

  • People who want to improve the shape of breast that is saggy and spread widely
  • People who want to lift their breasts while reducing the size of the areola
  • People who want to change the direction of the nipple to upper side
  • People who have volume after implantation or fat transplant surgery but still have sagging or asymmetrical breast
  • People who want to give natural volume at well as improving the sagging breast
  • People who want to improve their breast shape easily without worrying about recovery time or scars