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Haruclinic face lifting retreatment

Many who had face lifting surgery elsewhere did not befinit as much as they wanted or weren't
satisfied with the results due to awkward tension and feeling of foreign substance in patient's faces.

these patients only wanted to look pretty but are now in agony from failed face lifting treatment elsewhere.
But we, Haruclinic promises to provide individually customized retreatment course with thorough
analysis & several interviews with the patient, so that each and every patient who visits our clinic
would be perfectly satisfied with the results they get from our retreatment program.

Haru Lift Retreatment Can Benefit

  • People who have had lift treatments but have not had the desired effect
  • People who are reluctant to lift due to irritation or pain after lift procedure
  • People who are stressed with awkward and widened face after a lift procedure
  • People who have suffered from dimpling, ruggedness or protruding thread after lift procedure
  • People who are not satisfied with their lift procedures and are looking for a lift that is both natural and effective


Cases of Haru Lift Retreatment

Case 1

Lift procedure resulted in skin depression and an unnatural facial shape

: Area with skin depression due to tightly pulled thread

: Rugged area due to skin gets packed after lift procedure

After lift treatment at other clinic, under cheek was depressed, and the skin was piled up at the lower part of the ear, which emphasized the square jaw.
The patient wanted to remove the lifting thread and smooththe face line.

Removed existing lifting thread
Semi-permanent thread which does not dissolve was performed.

After Haru Lift Retreatment

After the removal of the thread, the depression of under cheek was corrected and the emphasized jaw angle was corrected as well.
Lift procedure was performed to smooth the face line.

1 month after the procedure

Face lines are smoothed overall.

Case 2

The patient has not had a great effect on several lift procedures

The patient had a facelift and double-chin thread lift procedure at another clinic three months ago and had little effect,
so the patient once again received treatment at that clinic, but still had little effect.

The skin is thin and does not have elasticity, so it is more sagging and double-chin is exaggerated.

After Haru Lift Retreatment

We performed lift treatments throughout the sagging area including the double-chin, chin line, and smile line.

Right after the procedure

Through the lift procedure, the saggy parts are pulled naturally without bruise or swelling,
and the turned-off part is voluminous, making the whole face smooth and tight.