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What is Hydrolift?

The secret of long-lasting moisturized skin without drying!

Hyaluronic acid, the key to babyface,has excellent water-binding capacity which absorbs and stores up to 1000 times
its own weight in the skin.It maintains the intercellular space, and stores and diffuses cell growth factors and the nutrients,
thereby enhancing elasticity and water content of skin to help moisturizing and lightening skin effect.

Principles of Hydrolift

  • Before Hydrolift

    Dry skin

  • Hydrolift

    Moisture in skin

  • After Hydrolift

    Healthy skin after injection

Special features of Haru Hydrolift


  • 01
    Powerful hydration
    Hyaluronic acid filler with high water retention is injected directly into the skin to create a water film in the subcutaneous layer to replenish the moisture, improve the fine wrinkles, and increase the elasticity of the skin and water content, thereby making moisturized skin.
  • 02
    Wrinkle and elasticity improvement
    Hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin's soft tissues, which are reduced by ultraviolet rays as they people are getting older. It soothes wrinkles and adds a natural volume throughout the face. It is also highly effective for smile lines and fine wrinkles with high moisture and skin elasticity and wrinkle improvement.
  • 03
    Brightened skin tone
    By injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin's dermis layer, we make voluminousand glossy face, and the skin tone naturally becomes brighter, creating smooth skin.
  • 04
    Skilled procedures
    Rich clinical experience to maximize effectiveness and duration of the procedure.

Hydrolift Can Benefit

  • For those who
    have dry skin.
  • People who are
    concerned about
    skin aging
  • People whose
    skin tones are
    dark and dull
  • People who want
    non-surgical and
    safe procedures