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What is All-in-one Bodyline Care?

Injection lipolysis, body thread, high frequencies, and endermologieprocedures are a simple way to
correct a body line, but there is a limit to showing a great effect with just one procedure.

Haru Total Bodyline Care is a body line treatment that combines the procedures of injection lipolysis,
correct a body line,body thread, high frequencies, endermologie, etc., with the know-how of Haru Clinic,
to see a greater effect by a single procedure.

Special Features of Haru All-in-one Bodyline Care


  • 01

    Proper treatment for each
    patient's characteristics

  • 02

    A combination of various
    lift procedures with
    a reasonable cost

  • 03

    Quick return to their
    daily life on the day
    of the procedure

  • 04

    Effect by a
    single procedure

All-in-one Bodyline Care Can Benefit

  • People who lost
    elasticity or who are
    worried about wrinkles
    in specific body part
  • People with no
    volume or sagging
    on the chest or hip
  • People who are
    worried about skin
    sagging after giving
    birth or losing weight
  • People who are not
    losing weight even
    though they work out
  • People who want to
    have perfect bodylines
    and resilience
    at the same time