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What is Micro Fat Grafting?

Fat is extracted from abdomen and thighs where fat is accumulated,and only the pure fats are collected.
Then, the pure fats are injected into the necessary parts such as forehead, cheek or under the eyes.

Fat grafting uses special equipment that can perform liposuction and centrifugation at the same time.
Since fat that is not exposed to air is extracted, it has a low chance of infection and
a high rate of engraftment of the transplanted fat.

Procedure of Micro Fat Grafting

It is done delicately and steadily!

Minimize air exposure from local extraction to transplantation.

  • 01
    Fat extraction
    Extract fat where fat is accumulated
    such as abdomen and thighs
  • 02
    Extraction and separation of
    pure fats
    Only pure fats are removed
    without contamination
  • 03
    Pure fat collection
    Only pure fats are collected
    without air exposure
  • 04
    Fat transplant
    A small amount of fat is injected
    evenly into the desired area

Special Features of Haru Micro Fat Grafting


  • 01
    High degree of
    satisfaction with
    a single operation
  • 02
    High engraftment
    rate using healthy adipocytes
  • 03
    Almost no side effects
    due to the use of
    autologous tissue
  • 04
    Reduction of wrinkles,
    improvement of skin
    elasticity and treatment
    of skin problems