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What is Elf Injection?

The Elf Injection is a procedure that dissolves the unnecessary fat accumulated in the face and promotes
the circulation of the lymphatic circulation, making the waste to be excreted and slimmingyour face.

Definite V-line effect can be observed when combined with the square jaw Botox or jaw filler.

Elf Injection by sites

The Elf Injection will make you look as if you lost weight on face and have strong facial features.
It also has a similar effect of facial contouring with a simple injection, and it has the effect of correcting awide face.

  • V-line jaw

    If you have a lot of skin on your
    chin you can expect the effect of
    facial contour surgery with
    an Elf Injection.

  • Cheek reduction

    Wide face line because of
    the protruded cheek can be
    simply reduced to make the
    outline of the face beautiful.

  • Double jaw, chin line

    If you have a lot of skin your chin
    and have a double jaw, you can
    reclaim the chin line with
    an Elf Injection.

  • Chin reduction

    If you did not get satisfactory
    results with Botox or any other
    procedures, you will regain
    the face line with an Elf Injection.

Special Features of Elf Injection


  • 01
    It is safe by using
    harmless natural
  • 02
    We usea fixed quantity
    of genuine products.
  • 03
    Short procedure time
    and quick return to
    daily routines.

Elf Injection Can Benefit

  • People who are
    worried about
    droopy cheeks
  • People who are
    worried about gloomy
    impression because
    of double jaw
  • People with
    wide face
  • People with
    asymmetrical face
  • People who are
    planning to take
    wedding photos
    or ID photos