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Elasticum double chin lift?

Unlike conventional thread lift, the elasticum double chin lift uses a special soft, elastic band
for high elasticity and stable tissue bonding.

Minimal incision allows for rapid recovery and creates a natural, firm resilience.

Features of Elasticum Band

Unlike a hard normal thread, Elasticum double chin lift of Haru Clinic uses a special band called Elasticum
to restore natural movement and resilience like real ligaments in a few weeks after the procedure.

01Patented band made in Italy

This band reflects Italian plastic surgery specialist Sergio Capurro's medical skills
and know-how, enabling lift and wound reduction in face as well as body.

02 High elasticity of Elasticum

Normal Thread

Rigid and has fixed length


Elastic and stretches freely

엘라스티꿈(Elasticum)의 강한 탄성력으로 피부의 움직임을 방해하지 않고 자유자재로 늘어납니다.
자연스러운 움직임과 얼굴탄력을 회복합니다.

03 Stable tissue bonding

Elasticum is a type of polyester encapsulated in fine silicon, and the client’s own
tissue enters inter-band space and acts as an artificial ligament within a few weeks.

Special Features of Haru Elasticum double chin lift


  • 01
    Long-lasting effect over
    5 years compared to conventional
    thread lift
  • 02
    Establishing a surgical plan which considers
    the age and other
    factors of
    the client
  • 03
    Band lift completed by Haru Clinic’s procedure
    method and

Haru Elasticum double chin lift Can Benefit

  • For those with bulging double chin due to skin sagging
  • For those with unclear boundaries between the chin and the neck
  • For those with wrinkles and sagging on neck
  • For those who had liposuction due to double chin, but did not see the effect


Before & After Photos of Haru Elasticum double chin lift

  • Haru Elasticum double chin lift

  • Haru Elasticum double chin lift

  • Right after Elasticum double chin lift (45º procedure)

  • Right after Elasticum double chin lift (90º procedure)