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What is Lower Eyelid Surgery?

As the aging progresses, the pockets surrounding the fat under the eyes are sagging,
the fat under the eyes protrudes, and the wrinkles under the eyes are increased,
giving the impression of tired and making less youthful.

In this case, sagging skin is removed and fat under the eye is removed
as well by micro-incision under the eye or the lower eyelid can be repositioned.

Procedure of Lower Eyelid Surgery

No Touch Technique

It is a method of preserving muscles (orbicularis oculi muscle) and septum by correcting dark circles through conjunctiva without incision.

Therefore, you can prevent the eyes from turning over or scarring severely, ratherwe restore natural under-eye lines.


Factors to consider when designing

  • The area where the fat protrudes
  • The area to resect skin or to make a beauty line
  • Lacrimal groove
  • The area to be implanted in front of the cheekbone

Remove subcutaneous fat after laser conjunctival incision

  • Make an incision in the protruding area of the conjunctiva
  • There are three pockets in the fat boundaries of the inferior oblique muscle (IOM) and ligament.
    The bottom of your eyes can be flattened when fat is removed evenly from three pockets.

Lacrimal groove and front cheek fat grafting

  • Correct deep lacrimal groove and perform fat transplants to give volume to the
    loosened front cheek.

Skin removal

  • The most important principle of No Touch Technique is to preserve muscle and septum.
  • We only remove the skin below the eyelashes, preventing the side effects such as turning eyes,
    and preserving the beauty line.


  • Smooth and resilient under-eye

Special Features of Haru Lower Eyelid Surgery


  • 01
    The under-eye is
    undergoing micro-incision
    surgery, so the scars are
    almost invisible
  • 02
    Fat under the eyes is
    removed, which gives
    soft impression
    without wrinkles
  • 03
    Double Reduction of
    fine wrinkles and
    dark circles

Lower Eyelid Surgery Can Benefit

  • People whose
    under-eye fat bulges
  • People who look
    shady because of
    under-eye wrinkles
  • People who look
    tired because of
    dark circles
  • People whose skin
    under the eyes is
    severely deformed
    and looks older than
    they really are


Before & After Photos of Haru Lower Eyelid Surgery

  • 1 month after Lower Eyelid Surgery

  • 1 month after Lower Eyelid Surgery

  • 1 month after Lower Eyelid Surgery

  • 1 month after Lower Eyelid Surgery