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What is Accu Contouring?

Accu Contouring is a procedure that uses a laser to remove fat from the face to remove double jawand reduce facial size.
It also stimulates the dermal layer of the skin to to tighten face lines. And it helps collagen production and gives skin elasticity.

If you have a lot of flesh on the chin line or on the cheeks, or on double jaw, you can use the Accusculpt (laser that dissolves fat)
to dissolve fat and remove those fat through liposuction, and perform thread lift at the same time to double the effect.

아큐스컬프 레이저 + V라인 지방흡입

Accusculpt is a coined term from ‘accurate’ and ‘sculpt’, meaning ‘accurately sculpt’
Accusculpt Laser

Accusculpt laser is the world's most advanced one with a wavelength of 1444 nm. It has an excellent absorption of fat and water that can selectively remove fat cells so that it is widely used for facial liposuction.

Not only its effect, but also its safety is approved by US FDA and European CE.

아큐스컬프 레이저

V-Line Liposuction

For those with large and wide face and neck due to face fat
V-Line Liposuction can make a slim and strong facial features through
fine liposuction. Since it is done with a fine cannula, there is little scarring,
less swelling and shorter recovery time.
Delicate procedure to match the individual fat distribution and
characteristics to achieve satisfactory results.

Special Features of Accu Contouring


  • 01
    Removing face fat in chin,
    cheek, chin line or
    double chin
  • 02
    Stimulation of skin dermal layer to induce collagen production
    and increase
  • 03
    Minimizing swelling after procedure by removing
    destroyed fat cells
  • 04
    Completion of elastic and smooth face line by removing fat and

Accu Contouring Can Benefit

  • People with no skin elasticity orsagging chin or cheek
  • People who want to make their face lines smooth
  • People with an excessive cheek fats
  • People with unclear border between chin and neck


Before & After Photos of Accu Contouring

  • 아1 month after Accu Contouring + Liposuction 1-1

  • 1 month after Accu Contouring + Liposuction 1-2

  • 3 weeks after Accu Contouring + Liposuction 2-1

  • 3 weeks after Accu Contouring + Liposuction 2-2