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What is Non-incisional Ptosis Correction?

Non-incisional Ptosis Correction makes the eyes look bigger as it strengthens the power of the without
the skin incision, but the drawback is that double eyelids look thinner compared to incisional method.

At Haru Clinic, we offer a procedure that strengthens the power of the eyes and strengthens
the pulling power of the skin, so that the eyes are bright and the double eyelids are clearly visible

For big, clear eyes, the difference pupils!

Beautiful eyes are the eyes with about 80 to 90% of the pupils when people open their eyes naturally.

If the eyelids are weak and the pupils are about half of the eyes, you can make bright eyes with a Non-incisional Ptosis Correction.

  • Eyes with less than 70% of the pupils
    Sleepy eyes
  • Eyes with about 80 to 90% of the pupils
    Normal eyes

Procedure of Non-incisional Ptosis Correction

  • After checking the thickness of
    the eyelid and the ratio of
    the pupils covered,
    design it to fit your face.
  • Creates fine holes in eyelids.
  • Adjust the tension of your muscles so that your eyes can open normally.
  • Natural and beautiful eyes are made.

Special Features of Non-incisional Ptosis Correction


  • 01
    Clear effect
    without incision
  • 02
    Correction of
    frowned eyes
  • 03
    Improvement /
    prevention of
    forehead wrinkles
  • 04
    Natural double
    eyelid line
  • 05
    Short operation time,
    fast recovery period

Non-incisional Ptosis Correction Can Benefit

  • People whose vision are covered by drooping eyelids
  • People with wrinkles due to aging
  • People whose eyelids are sagging down into a double eyelid line
  • People who look older with saggy skin
  • People who use their eyebrows to open eyes which makes wrinkles on their forehead


Before & After Photos of Non-incisional Ptosis Correction

  • Right after Non-incisional Ptosis Correction

  • 14 days after Non-incisional Ptosis Correction

  • 3 months after Non-incisional Ptosis Correction + Full Epicanthoplasty